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Marketplace suggestions core behaviour.

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allow_suggestions()  : bool
Should suggestions be displayed?
get_dismissed_suggestions()  : mixed
Return an array of suggestions the user has dismissed.
get_suggestions_api_data()  : array<string|int, mixed>
Pull suggestion data from options. This is retrieved from a remote endpoint.
init()  : mixed
post_add_dismissed_suggestion_handler()  : mixed
POST handler for adding a dismissed suggestion.
product_data_panels()  : mixed
Render additional panels in the product data metabox.
product_data_tabs()  : array<string|int, mixed>
Product data tabs filter
render_orders_list_empty_state()  : mixed
Render suggestions containers in orders list empty state.
render_products_list_empty_state()  : mixed
Render suggestions containers in products list empty state.
render_suggestions_container()  : mixed
Render a suggestions container element, with the specified context.
show_suggestions_for_screen()  : bool
Should suggestions be displayed?



Product data tabs filter

public static product_data_tabs(array<string|int, mixed> $tabs) : array<string|int, mixed>

Adds a new Extensions tab to the product data meta box.

$tabs : array<string|int, mixed>

Existing tabs.

Return values
array<string|int, mixed>