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woocommerce/includes/admin/class-wc-admin-notices.php 1
woocommerce/includes/admin/helper/class-wc-helper-api.php 1
woocommerce/includes/admin/importers/class-wc-product-csv-importer-controller.php 1
woocommerce/includes/admin/settings/class-wc-settings-advanced.php 1
woocommerce/includes/class-wc-shipping-rate.php 1
woocommerce/includes/data-stores/class-wc-product-data-store-cpt.php 4
woocommerce/includes/rest-api/Controllers/Version2/class-wc-rest-setting-options-v2-controller.php 1
woocommerce/packages/woocommerce-admin/src/API/Plugins.php 1
woocommerce/packages/woocommerce-admin/src/API/Reports/Coupons/DataStore.php 1
woocommerce/packages/woocommerce-admin/src/Features/Onboarding.php 3
woocommerce/packages/woocommerce-admin/src/Loader.php 2
woocommerce/packages/woocommerce-admin/src/Notes/WC_Admin_Note.php 1
woocommerce/packages/woocommerce-admin/src/Notes/WC_Admin_Notes_WooCommerce_Payments.php 1
woocommerce/packages/woocommerce-admin/src/Overrides/OrderTraits.php 1
woocommerce/src/Proxies/ActionsProxy.php 1


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TODO 311 remove in 4.0.0


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TODO 59 Check response signatures on certain endpoints.


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TODO 94 Replace this method with wc_is_file_valid_csv() function.


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TODO 488 remove in 4.0.


Type Line Description
TODO 150 4.0 Prevent negative value being set. #19293


Type Line Description
TODO 1156 Add to interface in 4.0.
TODO 1486 Deprecate unused function?
TODO 1498 Deprecate unused function?
TODO 1509 Deprecate unused function?


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TODO 431 remove in 4.0


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TODO 191 This should be moved to a filter to make this API more generic and less plugin-specific.


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TODO 465 Upon core merge, including this in core's `class-wc-coupon-data-store-cpt.php` might make more sense.


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TODO 740 Handle edgecase of where installed plugins may have versioned folder names (i.e. `jetpack-main/jetpack.php`).
TODO 1102 Once URL params are added to the redirect, we can check those instead of the referer.
TODO 1120 The `maybe_enable_setup_wizard()` method should be revamped on onboarding enable in core. See https://github.com/woocommerce/woocommerce/blob/1ca791f8f2325fe2ee0947b9c47e6a4627366374/includes/class-wc-install.php#L341


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TODO 250 The entry point for the embed needs moved to this class as well.
TODO 931 Can we do some URL rewriting so we can figure out which page they are on server side?


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TODO 444 Set a default empty array? https://github.com/woocommerce/woocommerce-admin/pull/1763#pullrequestreview-212442921.


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TODO 164 Need to validate this request more strictly since we're taking install actions directly?


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TODO 48 If WC is currently not tax enabled, but it was before (or vice versa), would this work correctly?


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TODO 39 Add the rest of the actions and filters related methods.