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WC_Gateway_Paypal_IPN_Handler extends WC_Gateway_Paypal_Response
in package

WC_Gateway_Paypal_IPN_Handler class.

Table of Contents

$receiver_email  : string
Receiver email address to validate.
$sandbox  : bool
Sandbox mode
__construct()  : mixed
check_response()  : mixed
Check for PayPal IPN Response.
valid_response()  : mixed
There was a valid response.
validate_ipn()  : mixed
Check PayPal IPN validity.
get_paypal_order()  : bool|WC_Order
Get the order from the PayPal 'Custom' variable.
payment_complete()  : mixed
Complete order, add transaction ID and note.
payment_on_hold()  : mixed
Hold order and add note.
payment_status_canceled_reversal()  : mixed
Handle a cancelled reversal.
payment_status_completed()  : mixed
Handle a completed payment.
payment_status_denied()  : mixed
Handle a denied payment.
payment_status_expired()  : mixed
Handle an expired payment.
payment_status_failed()  : mixed
Handle a failed payment.
payment_status_paid_cancelled_order()  : mixed
When a user cancelled order is marked paid.
payment_status_pending()  : mixed
Handle a pending payment.
payment_status_refunded()  : mixed
Handle a refunded order.
payment_status_reversed()  : mixed
Handle a reversal.
payment_status_voided()  : mixed
Handle a voided payment.
save_paypal_meta_data()  : mixed
Save important data from the IPN to the order.
send_ipn_email_notification()  : mixed
Send a notification to the user handling orders.
validate_amount()  : mixed
Check payment amount from IPN matches the order.
validate_currency()  : mixed
Check currency from IPN matches the order.
validate_receiver_email()  : mixed
Check receiver email from PayPal. If the receiver email in the IPN is different than what is stored in.
validate_transaction_type()  : mixed
Check for a valid transaction type.




Check receiver email from PayPal. If the receiver email in the IPN is different than what is stored in.

protected validate_receiver_email(WC_Order $order, string $receiver_email) : mixed

WooCommerce -> Settings -> Checkout -> PayPal, it will log an error about it.

$order : WC_Order

Order object.

$receiver_email : string

Email to validate.

Return values