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implements WC_Customer_Download_Log_Data_Store_Interface

WC_Customer_Download_Log_Data_Store class.

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Customer Download Log Data Store Interface

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WC_DOWNLOAD_LOG_TABLE  = 'wc_download_log'
create()  : mixed
Create download log entry.
delete_by_permission_id()  : mixed
Method to delete download logs for a given permission ID.
get_download_logs()  : array
Get array of download log ids by specified args.
get_download_logs_for_permission()  : array
Get download logs for a given download permission.
get_table_name()  : string
Get the table name for download logs.
read()  : mixed
Method to read a download log from the database.
update()  : mixed
Method to update a download log in the database.
get_download_log()  : WC_Customer_Download_Log
Get a download log object.