WooCommerce Code Reference

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This class adds actions to track usage of the WooCommerce Onboarding Wizard.

Table of Contents

$steps  : array
Steps for the setup wizard
add_footer_scripts()  : mixed
Add footer scripts to OBW via woocommerce_setup_footer
add_step_save_events()  : mixed
Track various events when a step is saved.
dequeue_non_whitelisted_scripts()  : mixed
Dequeue unwanted scripts from OBW footer.
get_current_step()  : string
Get the name of the current step.
init()  : mixed
Init tracking.
set_obw_steps()  : mixed
Set the OBW steps inside this class instance.
track_jetpack_activate()  : void
Tracks when Jetpack is activated through the OBW.
track_next_steps()  : void
Tracks when last next_steps screen is viewed in the OBW.
track_payments()  : void
Track payment gateways selected.
track_ready_next_steps()  : mixed
Track the marketing form on submit.
track_recommended()  : void
Track recommended plugins selected for install.
track_shipping()  : void
Track shipping units and whether or not labels are set.
track_skip_step()  : void
Track skipped steps.
track_start()  : void
Track when tracking is opted into and OBW has started.
track_store_setup()  : void
Track store setup and store properties on save.